Cookies are little bits of data that websites drop onto your computer. This website makes very minimal use of them. We use them to see how many people have visited the site and what pages they have visited. When you have visited the site before and you visit again, the presence of the cookie on your computer shows us that you are a repeat visitor. The cookies don’t tell us who you are, just that someone visited the site this many times on these occasions. If you are not comfortable with this, you can change your browser settings to block cookies or to block them for certain sites.

Contact Form

If you contact us through the contact form then we will store the information you give us so that we can communicate with you about your enquiry. The data is held on a server which is secured to professional standards. The website uses SSL which means that while your message is in transit to us, it is encrypted so no-one “listening in” could get hold of it. We do not use your data for any purpose other than contacting you in relation to your enquiry. Your IP address may also be sent to Google as part of the process of preventing spam contacts.

Requests for data or deletion

Under the GDPR you are entitled to a copy of any data held on you, if you so wish. You are also entitled to have any data held about you deleted. We will honor any requests of this nature.