Oat milk proves unwilling to ferment though this is not really a surprise on second thoughts; plants form oils  as a solution to overproduction of sugars in hot climates. Oats generally grow in less warm climates…..

A return to a previous design – the ‘Birdcage’ – show the dangers of making assumptions! The design proved very slow to ‘take off’ with very little fermentation even after a day in the gallery, using the usual organic soya mllk. This may have been a consequence of low and variable room temperature or possibly the new Food grade plastic tube for the gallery. Performance improved however following the addition of  a layer of bubble-wrap round the  outer frame.

Overnight straining to remove whey usually results in a rubbery texture of the yogurt which can be improved by adding back in a small amount of whey; experiments with alternatives however .suggest the taste may be further improved by adding soya milk rather than whey. I always give fresh harvests the taste test after straining, just to check this is still as good; often I end up surprised at just how good it really is especially when fresh.

December 2018

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