Set up a new, bigger Dynamic Fermenter in an empty 35 litre container (cylindrical aquarium) this time with an extended (1m) gallery that holds 120ml of milk. The space inside the container is big enough to add some house plants for decoration (will add some pics when I learn how). Gallery primed using the last harvest from the previous container (15 litre plastic bucket) following which the ‘resident culture’ fully established within a few days and now producing much greater quantity of curd.

Also discovered details of how to strain raw yogurt using coffee filter papers instead of cheesecloth (see here) though it seems actually quite complicated. The piece suggests the alternative is a somewhat complicated procedure for  cheese- cloth after use, though I’m not convinced this is actually needed; all I do is wash out the cheesecloth in a flow of warm water, squeeze out excess water then leave the cloth (as a double layer)  draped over the swan-neck kitchen tap to dry  – and I’m not dead or even ill yet! Maybe I’m tempting fate?

Recently came across articles on ‘Biofilms’ that corresponds with what I suspect might be happening at the inner wall of the gallery (see for example here and here). While the articles focus on negative aspects (the way biofilms may help unfriendly  bacteria) it is at least worth asking the question whether the same strategy may be at work in helping a ‘resident culture’ establish itself in the gallery of a Dynamic Fermenter.



September 2018

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