New DF pressed into operation – this time using a transparent plastic bucket and lid as the container in place of the drinks dispenser; not much different in size to Drinks Dispenser model. Also, salvaged a 30 litre perspex aquarium and hope to use this soon as the next scaled-up model with a capacity for  upwards of 100cm of tubing for the gallery and – since it has a lighting unit in the lid – potted plants within to provide something like a terrarium setting.

Test carried out using cheesecloth impregnated with beeswax for sealing the joint between tube and spigot shows this makes an effective seal when wrapped around screwthread section of the spigot during DF construction (before connecting spigot to tube).

Beginning to wonder about the heavyweight wine bottle stoppers used as a cap for the top of the tube; in practice these discolour and blacken requiring frequent wiping with a clean damp cloth.


June 2018

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