The idea of ‘Dynamic Fermentation’ is that if you fill a vertical tube with a mix of milk and yogurt then open the tap at the bottom to drain after a few hours; it will come out as yogurt and – so long as you remember to leave a little bit in the tube – it will ferment the next batch of milk with no need to add a starter. You can then repeat the cycle and it should go on producing yogurt for ever so long as you remember to leave a small amount (eg 1-2 cm) in the tube to seed the next batch of milk. With this length of gallery (<70cm) the yield is comparatively small (<100g). This can be boosted by draining the yogurt from the gallery straight into a larger volume of milk, eg 400ml organic soy milk in a 500ml pyrex bowl. The lid is put back on directly afterwards and the milk left to ferment. 24hr later, fermented milk from the bowl is strained through cheesecloth, leaving rich, creamy curd.

For the most part whey is either above curds on completion of fermentation though occasionally curds float on whey. Problems getting part-fermented soy milk to leave when spigot opened. Scaled-up version of DF (using cartridge from water cooler) set up.

Problems with 1L cartons of organic soy milk as this tends to go ‘off’ before being used completely (solution: buy in 500ml cartons, available in packs of 16). What happens if you put live culture in the deep freezer?

July 2017

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